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Advisory & Strategy

At the core of our offering is our Advisory & Strategy service. Under this umbrella of services we create strategies and roadmaps that help startups to identify their unique value propositions, prepare for fundraising efforts, and understand their current strengths and weaknesses.

Marketing & PR

Marketing and PR efforts need to be based on a foundational strategy before being executed. Our comprehensive marketing strategies help to identify target markets, create proper messaging, choose the most effective platforms, build creative and content, and design funnel and follow-up sequences. We utilize PR, influencers, digital advertising, social media, email marketing, and strategic outreach to accomplish our client’s goals.

Community Management

Community is one of the best long-term assets a startup can build. Creating the right kind of community, with the right kind of people who are passionate about your project is key. We utilize two decades of online community building experience to create and properly manage communities on platforms like Telegram, Reddit, Discord, and Bitcointalk.

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